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Corsino Rey Galán, PhD, MD.
Full Professor of Paediatrics at University of Oviedo. Head of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA). OVIEDO (SPAIN). Editor in chief of the official Journal of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics, Anales de Pediatría (Impact factor: 1,307).

1. Research: twenty-four year research period recognized by the Spanish National Evaluation of Research Activity. Three parts are distinguished:
A) Experimental: development of an experimental laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Oviedo (led by Prof. Fernando Santos). Based on several grants from CARLOS III HEALTH INSTITUTE (91/0339.93/066-0) and the University of Oviedo (DF94 / 219-1). B) Epidemiological: cardiovascular risk factors in childhood in collaboration with Prof. Serafin Málaga. Supported by several grants from CARLOS III HEALTH INSTITUTE (92/0023-01,94/0075-04).  C) Clinical: Line supported by clinical activity by the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias. The team of the PICU (Andrés Concha, Alberto Medina, Sergio Menéndez, Juan Mayordomo, Ana Vivanco, Marta Los Arcos, Reyes Fernández, Bárbara Fernández) has made a significant collaboration in this clinical research.  Based on several grants (CMSTATISTICS-MIERES, FC-15-GRUPIN14-005 and Robust and flexible statistics for interval and diffuse data, MINECO-13-MTM2013-44212-P), in collaboration with Prof Ana Colubi from Department of Statistics/ Indurot (University of Oviedo). The quality of the transfer of results has led to significant progress in clinical practice, especially in the field of prognostic and infection biomarkers, noninvasive ventilation, prevention of nosocomial infection and patient safety. These developments have been spread through participation in several national and international conferences as well as invitations to give lectures both in Spain and abroad, in countries as diverse as Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, Guatemala, Turkey, Panama and Latvia. Sum of impact factor (base SCI, information obtained automatically JCR): 235.5. Sum of impact factor in the period 2009-20: 152.7. H index: 26 excluding self-citations.
2. Teaching practice: Twenty-five year teaching period recognized for the University of Oviedo. (RD 1086/1989). Member of the Postgraduate doctorate program of the University of Oviedo.Director of the Master's Degree in Nursing Emergency and Critical Care (First Edition 2011-12, second edition: 2012-13; third edition 2013-14). Senior Lecturer and collaborator in the academic design of Erasmus Mundus Master in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, (Brussels, July 2011). This Master was coordinated by the University of Oviedo with the following partners:  Metropolia University (Finland), Algarve and Santarem University (Portugal). Director of 22 Doctoral Theses, and 22 End Master Thesis Innovation and Quality Teaching: Director and lecturer of courses based on the simulation of real situations in small groups and analysis of the simulated activity. Member of the Spanish Group of Paediatric and Neonatal CPR. Coordinator-Instructor of Paediatric CPR Courses CPR, Instructor in Paediatric Trauma Life Support.  Instructor in Paediatric and neonatal mechanical ventilation, and noninvasive ventilation. Coordinator-instructor of European Resuscitation Council paediatric courses; partner in extending CPR courses in Germany, Italy and Belgium, director and lecturer of  courses in Hannover, Brunicko and Brussels.
3. Professional Medical Practice:
Head of Service of Paediatrics (Hospital Narcea (1993-94). Head of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at The University Central hospital of Asturias (HUCA): (1995-current). Responsible of the setting-up and development of PICU (HUCA)
Other: Former President of the Society of Paediatrics from Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León. Former Member of the board of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics.