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  • Daily onsite visitors: 1,500–2,000
  • Daily online attendees: 2,500–3,000
  • Participants signed in from: LV, AL, AM, AT, AZ, BY, BG, CA, FI, FR, GE, DE, IL, IT, KZ, KG, LT, MD, NL, NO, PT, ZA, TM, UK, USA, UZ
  • The most popular sessions: Plenary sessions, Cardiovascular Health, Rare cases/Rare diseases session, Neuroscience and Mental Health session, Infectious Diseases session

Video recordings of RW2021 sessions available for RSU users only:

Knowledge for Use in Practice

To access the RW2019 event photos, agendas, e-abstract books, committee members, keynote speakers a.o. information, click on the banners below: