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Academic libraries typically identify supporting research as central to their mission. But they need to examine how researchers themselves relate to these mission statements, especially in view of reported changes to how researchers look for and share information online.

'The Role of Academic Libraries in Research Support' panel will provide an insight into initiatives to support research and future perspective of the leading academic libraries, both in Latvia and internationally. Professionals from Latvia, Finland and the United Kingdom will focus on crucial topics, such as the collaboration with researchers and academic staff, contribution to university rankings, open science etc.

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Agenda (room 'Kappa' under the University Teaching and Learning Conference)

13:05–13:20Research Support at the RSU Library
Inga Znotiņa, Zane Bondare, Rīga Stradiņš University Library
13:20–13:35 Connecting the Open Science and Research Community: Library Involvement
Gita Rozenberga, Library of the University of Latvia
13:35–13:50Library for Researchers: Support Services
Tiina Heino, Helsinki University Library
Questions and Answers
14:05–14:20Collaboration with researchers and academic staff
Marshall Dozier, Edinburgh University Main Library
14:20–14:35LLU Library Support to Researchers
Eilita Bērziņa, Sarmīte Linde, the Fundamental library of the University of Latvia, Life Sciences and Technologies
Questions and Answers
Panel Wrap-up/Summary

Moderator: Santa Darģe, RSU Library