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Ingrida Balnytė
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Professor Ingrida Balnyte has studied medicine and acquired her PhD in 2002. I.Balnytė was appointed as an associate professor in 2009 and acquired full professorship in 2020. Her academic work has been developed in area of morphology. Her field of special interest is in experimental oncology and cancer biology, using a chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane model (evaluation of neoangiogenesis dynamics, tumor development, and efficacy of investigational medical preparations in vivo and in vitro using in vivo biomicroscopy, histomorphometric, immunohistochemical, and other methods). Ingrida Balnytė is the co-investigator on a project “A preclinical comparative study of the application of individualized therapy in the treatment of a patient's glioblastoma cells and cell line transplant tumor” (2020-2022) and was involved in the elaboration of previous scientific projects “Effect of valproate on lymphocyte chloride concentration, pH, proliferation, tumor progression” and “Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and laryngeal papilloma biological expression in chick embryo chorioalantoic membrane”.
Ingrida Balnytė with coauthors published 4 textbooks for Medicine and Odontology students, 12 teaching manuals for students, and a chapter in a monograph. She is a member of the Society of Lithuanian Morphologists and a member of the Society of Lithuanian Pathologists.