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Sander Suursalu
Software & Sales Engineer at Artec Design

Sander Suursalu is the project lead for Horizon 2020 project WELMO at Artec Design. WELMO aims at developing and validating a new generation of low-cost and low-power miniaturized sensors, integrated in a comfortable vest, enabling the effective and accurate monitoring of the lungs. This is achieved through the simultaneous collection of sound and electrical impedance tomography (EIT) signals with the same sensors that can be combined, processed and linked with specific clinical outcomes making the systematic, accurate and real-time evaluation of respiratory conditions possible.

Additionally, he works on interactive ePaper signage solutions that have a clean yet elegant design. Created for sustainable and reliable operation 24/7, ePaper signage can be powered for a year with the amount of energy required to power LCDs for a month. The products are designed for indoor signage solutions, e.g. multilingual exhibitions at museums, patient information boards in hospitals and information boards or schedules at offices and universities.