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Valts Abols
Valts Abols serves as the CEO of Children University hospital (CUH) in Latvia. Valts believes that data use enhance patient care and health outcomes and CUH is the first hospital in Baltic region having introduced unique electronic real-time Patient Reported Experience Measurement system. Valts’ ambition is to build the Digitally Enabled Integrated Children Health Ecosystem that embraces all children, their families, health professionals and caregivers with the common aim to improve children health and help them to realize their full potential.
CUH being the only Latvia’s hospital with full Electronic Medical Records aims to build the Digital Research Environment (DRE). DRE would blend rich health data with data science and digital innovation and develop scalable solutions that boost the quality of health services in Latvia and beyond.
Valts serves on the Board of European Children Hospital organisation (ECHO) advocating for children’s health and their access to the best quality care through the collaborative work of children’s hospitals.