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Janek Metsallik, MSc
PhD studies on Large Scale Digital Health Interoperability
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Janek Metsallik, MSc, is certified IT architecture professional with 25+ years of experience specialized in enterprise information systems design and integration. He was leading architect of Estonian National Health Records (in position 2006-2011), and has filled the role of solution architect of follow-up developments. He has hands-on experience in designing national interoperability standards, in software modelling, architecture, analysis, and programming. Janek is contributing to the knowledge sharing through lecturing and supervising research in the Health Care Technology programme of Tallinn University of Technology, where he is also working on his PhD on wide-scale health information landscape and interoperability. Janek has wide knowledge of adopting HL7 v2, v3, CDA, and FHIR technologies for digital health integrations. He has contributed to the standardization and implementation of country-wide solutions of clinical document sharing, and e-ambulance, e-referral, e-consultation and e-laboratory integrations. He has lead development of a direct-access laboratory portal and a mental health decision support system. Janek has strong know-how of e-government technologies, including governmental service bus, digital signature and authentication, data protection regulations, and common interoperability registries. He has been a technical lead of a pilot project of exporting Estonian XRoad technology to Finland, and he is providing consultancy for national e-health initiatives in Mongolia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and others.